Family Counseling Therapist

Going to therapy is looked down upon for many people. Due to the stigma against therapy and mental health in general, many people feel the pressure to avoid seeking help. Misinformation also deeply affects those who could benefit from family counseling. They are afraid that their loved ones will view them differently and they do not want to deal with the issues that come with that. As a Bethesda family counseling therapist like one at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates can explain, some of the most pervasive myths about family counseling 

Therapy can fix our issues right away 

Therapy is often seen as a quick and instantaneous solution. That is far from the truth, especially in regards to complex family dynamics. It is difficult enough for those who attend therapy individually. Because family counseling involves many parties, it often takes even longer to get to the heart of the issues that hinder family relationships. There is no one size fits all approach to therapy, and each person, especially within a family, will respond differently to family counseling.  

A stranger won’t be able to do anything for us

It is common for many people to believe that because a therapist is a stranger, they will not be able to offer much insight about a family’s specific issues. However, because they are a third party that is unbiased, they will have a fresh perspective about the issues that are happening and possible solutions to remedy them. A certified and highly trained therapist is a professional who has years of experience treating families and helping them take strides towards healing and improving habits to strengthen their relationships with one another.  

Family counseling is not effective

Many families have received excellent results after attending family counseling sessions. For many, counseling has helped them understand the reasons for their issues in the first place. It has greatly helped many clients to improve their skills in conflict resolution, building empathy, and fostering emotional intelligence. Therapists offer a variety of exercises and solutions for families facing various scenarios, such as divorce, grieving the loss of a loved one, parenting issues, communication issues, and more. 

Family counseling can make our issues worse 

Some people are reluctant to attend counseling because they think it might worsen their problems, driving a wedge between their relationships with their loved ones even further. This belief often comes from a fear of talking about the issues. However, problems cannot be fixed if they are not openly discussed. Through attending family counseling sessions, you and your loved ones will have a safe space to talk over your issues in a healthy way. The therapist will provide insight that will enable you to find solutions to your problems, and begin steps towards repairing your relationships with your loved ones. 

Dispelling the myths and misconceptions about therapy is vital so that more people are encouraged to seek out help when they need it most. Explore how you can obtain affordable and quality family counseling services today by contacting an experienced therapist to schedule your consultation.